Help with Highland Heroes Teacher Appreciation Brunches

What you can do: Simply contribute food, drinks, flowers or a note of encouragement. Drop them off in the Fellowship Hall bin (perishables in Room in the Inn fridge in kitchen) and a team of volunteers will deliver and set up at the school.

Sign up online: Click here to choose a role.

Highland Heroes Appreciation Brunch is a simple, but important, way to celebrate the mighty teachers and staff of Highland Renaissance Academy, Covenant’s partner school, on an ongoing basis. It’s our chance to embrace those who embrace, nurture and educate students tirelessly and steadfastly day after day. After all, teachers are the true heroes of the education system. Through this effort, we hope to make them feel that way.

Highland Heroes Appreciation Brunch takes place on the third Monday of each month. Covenant members are invited to contribute food, drinks, flowers or a note of encouragement so that staff may enjoy a light breakfast, healthy snack, sweet treat or simple reminder that what they do matters – a lot – throughout the day. Simply drop off your contribution at the church. Here's how it works: Below, indicate which category for which you'll provide something (store-bought or homemade; it's all good!). You can sign up for one month, several or all. You'll get an automatic email reminder as your date approaches. Then drop off your donation (labeled “Highland Heroes,” with the date) at the Covenant Fellowship Hall in the designated bin in the elevator alcove located near the kitchen (on the parking lot side of the building).

Refrigerated items can be stored in the Fellowship Hall kitchen in the refrigerator marked Room in the Inn. (If you need access to the Fellowship Hall or kitchen, please call 704-333-9071). You may bring your contribution to the church at any time until 7 p.m. the Sunday before the appreciation brunch.

One or two volunteers are also needed to deliver the goodies to the school on the Monday morning of each celebration. Use the same sign-up site to volunteer to serve in this way. NOTE: If you are contributing something homemade, please include a complete list of ingredients, so that anyone with food sensitivities and/or diet restrictions may be aware. For more information or if you have questions, please contact Lauren Sawyers (; 704-877-5627).